New York Cactus & Succulent Society

Next meeting: Thursday, June 18, 2015
6 PM - 7:30 PM at 488 Madison Ave.


Meetings are now held at 488 Madison Avenue (near 52nd Street), 19th floor


Caudiciform plants are a fascination of many collectors. Each specimen of these odd plants have thick stems, giving them the nickname the bonsai of the succulent world.

In the strict sense of the term "caudex," meaning a stem, is most often used with plants that have a different stem morphology from the typical angiosperm dicotyledon stem: examples of this include palms, ferns, and cycads, as well as many pachypodiums, eurphorbias, and other plants we tend to covet. Most of these plants have water storing structures that help them retain water during periods of intense droughts.

Please bring your own caudiciform plants for show and tell. Be prepared to tell a little bit about your plant, where it grows, how long you've had it and what the struggles and joys are of maintaining the specimen.

Guests are always welcomed, and we're always eager to see your plants. Come and hang out. Our Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Upcoming events

Field trips (details to be announced), Saturdays, July 11 & August 15. See our Spring & Summer Events flyer for more.

Please check out our Facebook page regularly as it has a listing of upcoming events and lectures. You do not have to be a facebook member to see the page.We have been posting photos of our trips this summer as well as some of the plants our members have been growing.

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Welcome to the New York Cactus & Succulent Society. The NYCSS is a group of cactus and succulent enthusiasts dedicated to growing and learning about this fascinating and diverse group of plants.

Astrophytum Capricorne

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of September-December and March-June - in other words, every month except for January, February, July and August, at 488 Madison Avenue (near 52nd St), 19th Floor. Meetings cover all aspects of cactus and succulent growing; formats range from talks to slide shows to sessions on repotting techniques. We also make trips to plant shows and sales in and outside of the city and visit members' collections.

Please join us! Prospective new members and guests are always welcome at meetings, and we always love seeing any plants you would like to show off.

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